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Finding the right Surveyor
Marine Mentor of FL Inc. is a professional marine surveying company which has been performing surveys since 2000. We provide the most thorough and professional inspection of your vessel using ABYC, NFPA, and USCG standards in all of our surveys. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive and thorough survey possible so you can make well informed decisions regarding your boat purchase. If your insurer or lending institution has requested that you provide them with a recent in the water or out of the water marine survey; or if you require any of our other services, give us a call. We’re here to help you in any way we can. Our adherence to the highest standard of ethics, attention to detail and quality control standards ensures that our surveys are among the best in the business. Our offices in Homestead, FL and Ft. Myers, FL can take care of your survey needs anywhere in central and South Florida. 
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Services Offered

Pre Purchase Survey
A Pre Purchase condition and valuation or CVS survey  is generally the most comprehensive type of inspection  where the services of the Marine Surveyor are secured by the perspective buyer. A CVS includes an inspection of the craft, machinery, rig, all systems and equipment. A CVS usually includes a full out of water inspection of the hull, running gear and fittings. A sea trial may also be performed.  A fair market value and replacement value will also be provided.  If a seller offers to provide a survey or surveyor politely turn it down. Get your own. A common mistake we witness time and again by many buyers, but especially buyers relatively new to boating, is to choose a boat, cut a deal with a seller or salesman and then call a surveyor and announce that he or she just needs a quick look to make the deal happen with the bank and underwriters. 
Insurance Survey
This survey is performed so that a prospective underwriter can determine whether or not a vessel is an acceptable risk under the terms of the the insurance policy. It may include an out of water inspection. The insurance company will also need to know fair market value and replacement value of the vessel.
Damage Survey 
The Damage survey, commonly contracted by underwriters is to assess the cause and extent of damage after an accident including a report on recommended repairs, the estimated cost of such repairs and the probable cause of the damage.  If you file a claim with your insurance company expect to interface with their surveyor. Keep in mind that the surveyor is there to make an objective assessment of damages. Marine Mentor provides damage surveys for a number of insurance companies thru ought Florida and the Caribbean. 
Consulting Services
The most intelligent procedure would be to secure services on a consulting basis to assist in choosing a vessel that is most suitable for your proposed use. A simple phone call may suffice or possibly a bit more. This would allow the surveyor to coach you away from particular models and power plants that are known to provide problems before you get your heart set on your dreamboat. 
Valuation Survey
For this the client may be a prospective buyer but probably is a bank or financial institution of some kind. This is the most brief type of inspection as the only question to be answered is that of value. It usually involves a quick walk thru and some market research to determine the bottom line.
Project Oversight
One common duty is repair or refit oversight. In this function the surveyor interfaces between the repair vendor and the vessel owner on the owners behalf to assure that repairs are carried out consistent with standard marine practices, ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) or Lloyds recommendations and that they fulfill any applicable legal requirements. Another reason to have project oversight is to assure that any time commitments are honored.